Holy Stromboli

My first attempt at a Stromboli was a SUCCESS! I over committed to a party and was lucky this came out great or I would have been in BIG TROUBLE….. Stromboli is pretty much dough, meat and cheese so of course me being a Vegetarian had to say I would make 2 one with meat one without. This is not a low calorie food but worth every cheesy, gooey, bread-y bite!!
PRE-HEAT OVEN TO 350 Degrees

Pre-made dough (i know it’s a little sad but I am not making dough from scratch and in all fairness I make almost everything else from scratch so hopefully you can forgive me)
1/4 Lb Provolone (regular sharpness, the extra sharp one stinks up the house…trust me)
1/4 Lb Swiss Cheese
1/4 Lb Pepperoni (from the deli not the tiny little ones)
1/4 Lb Ham (any kind)
1/4 LB Salami
1 Cup Fresh Basil Leaves (more or less)
2 eggs beaten and some dried herbs for top (what every you like)

Let the dough get to room temp – like the last blog, if it is cold you can’t work well with it, it springs back and frustrates the situation
Flour a large board and roll your dough out to a rectangular shape
Leaving a few inches on each side run the cheese and meats down the middle of the dough slightly overlapping each one
lay fresh basil leaves down the middle
Using a knife or a pair of kitchen scissors cut slices in the dough from the filling out approximately 1 inch apart.
fold the ends in by lifting the dough and pulling gently over the edge of the filling like you would a burrito
starting on either side fold over the strips using an egg wash to hold the folds together one side then the other and so on until the are all folded then gently brush the remaining egg wash over the exposed dough and sprinkle with some dried herbs like oregano, basil, parsley etc.

Bake in the oven at 350 on a Silpat or non-stick Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil (it gets gooey so this protects your pan and helps with clean up)
The cook time will vary per oven, dough size etc so set to for 30 minutes and then check it every 10 until golden brown. Cheese may bubble out and that is OK.
Let cool, slice and serve with your favorite Marinara Sauce – Mine is RAO’s














Grilled pizza party

Here is a simple blog. I have been using the excuse that I have been soooo busy I haven’t blogged. Well, I am busy with my new Real Estate Career but I am still cooking a photographing so I have a tone of photos in my phone & IPad.
Grilled Pizza was literally my “go to” all summer. I have dough in my fridge all the time and once you start cooking and grilling it becomes second nature and fast. I have so many discussions with people that say it takes too long to cook. It is faster to make a grilled pizza then it is to order one and have it delivered!

This idea came from a party in July I went to and they did this and it was a HUGE hit.

pre made pizza dough (yes pre-made sorry)
Pizza toppings

Bring the dough to room temperature, this way it will roll out if not it will spring back
cut the dough into 4 equal portions (more people, more dough)
Flour your board and roll dough into 1/4 inch thickness – Easy rustic shapes
Drizzle with olive oil
Pre grill the dough on both sides until it has light grill marks. about 3 minutes each side on a medium/high grill heat (don’t cook it all the way or it will make for a burn crispy dough)

Place the pre-grilled dough on a platter and serve up all the pizza favorite sides and let your guests create their own combinations.
Your job is to complete the cooking so once your guest has a pizza ready you slide it back onto the grill and close the cover for 5 minutes to melt the cheese and toppings. Because it cooks so fast, pre cook anything you don’t want raw.

I grilled pineapple, onions, mushrooms etc and put out 3 different cheeses for guests along with the traditional pepperoni, olives and my favorites artichokes, spinach, roasted garlic and more!
















Watermelon Feta And Mint Salad!

IMG_0412OK I actually thought…..Uh Weird! cheese and watermelon but when you think of Apples and cheese or pears and cheese you’re like “move aside I need that cheesy fruit combo”, am I Right??
Well this is the now “go to bring along to anything dish ” for me, My husband is kind of over it. It couldn’t be easier to make and I’ll prove it!

1 small Watermelon, of course…. (try to make sure it is not over ripe, if it is really soft and really dark pink it may be a little on the old side so stick to bright pink and firm. If you buy it cut in half  you can see it.
8 Oz’s Feta Cheese – go crazy, buy a good one. A Greek one in water would be nice- just make sure to drain and rinse in gently.
1 fresh lime – not the ones with brown spots on them, bright green with a fresh bright scent, I actually like extra lime so you can add another if you want.
2 Tablespoons Fresh Mint chopped – sweet mint is the best there is a difference with spearmint, peppermint etc. You can tear a few extra for garnish too.
IMG_0408 IMG_0409 - Copy IMG_0410 IMG_0411 IMG_0413
Cut the watermelon into 1 inch cubes -approximately or bite size – no need for a ruler.
Place it gently in a larg serving bowl – you know me, I like white.
Squeeze Lime over the watermelon and very gently fold them
Sprinkle over mint and crumble feta cheese but do not toss until you are serving on the plate.

This a light refreshing salad with a bite of salt and hint of mint, Your guests will love it and your husband will get sick of it!
Enjoy -T

Party Pleasing

A friend of ours graduated from College and to help out I offered to put out food & do a little sprucing so when they all came back from a long afternoon of handing out Degrees they would have something to eat. The famous Cheese Ball that has made an appearance at many parties was front and center.
The recipe was adapted from a Martha Stewart Holiday recipe that really has no better name. Cheese Ball…..the recipe she had made a mountain of cheese and you split it into 3 different recipes. I just wanted to do the one.
1 1/2 Pkgs Cream Cheese about 12 ozs
1/4 stick of butter
5 dashes hot sauce (like Franks Red Hot)
1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
8 oz sharp cheddar finely shredded
2 Tablespoons store bought chutney
3/4 Cup dried cranberries chopped very finely
water crackers and cucumbers sliced for serving

In a Kitchen Aid or blender with paddle attachment cream everything but the cheddar and the cranberries and of course the crackers and cukes for serving. Once and a while stop and scrape down the clumped up parts on the paddle.
once it is smooth and trust me if you do not use the Kitchen Aid for this your arm will be sore of a week and you’ll get a weird clump when you least expect it.
Fold in cheddar until well incorporated and then chill for an hour.

Once it is a little hard you can form into a ball. The heat of your hands will start melting it so once you have made it nice and smooth gently put it down and wash your hands so you don’t get the cheese all over the dark cranberries. Gently lift and place into a bowl of the cranberries rolling and pressing until totally covered. I even went back to make sure I filled it all in and it was perfect.
Enjoy -T



20130620-185212.jpgCheck out this great grab and go: slice of baguette, piece of spinach or arugula, slice of cheese, carefully place lunch meat, top with an olive and hold together with a toothpick!! These were a HUGE hit.





So Here We Sit, My little Lemon Tree & Me

So we were out shopping and that is the first problem  with my husband… My husband and I saw a little Meyer Lemon tree and I told my husband I had to have it!…. He of course told me I don’t need one and it is not on the list. SO I spent the remainder of the trip around the garden center complaining that “they never have these, they are rare, I looked them up last summer and I was going to order one on line but I just didn’t”…. “look that lady already is getting one of them and there are only 6 there!!!!” He said “they will have them when we come back next time”. I quickly followed with “but they won’t, they didn’t last year and I really want to get one!, I will go ask” so I ran over to the sales person, “uh excuse me….there are a few Meyer Lemon Trees over there and there are only 6…well now only 5, Are you going to get more of them” and they said “No we don’t ever have those, I think it is a 1 time thing”. Ah ha! “See! They will never have them again, ever!! I will never get the lemon tree I have always wanted, I read about how to bring them in for the winter too”
Herb….”FINE, (sowered face and stern no longer happy voice) put it in the cart- then that is it, no vegetables or anything else you wanted” -Me… “Ok all I want is a lemon tree and I want to write a blog about it”

So here we sit my little Meyer Lemon Tree and me. It is late afternoon and the sun is going down over the willow but not below the hedges. The sun is finally warm……

It was an awful winter. I really cannot remember why I stay here in the cold until the Spring pops up and days like this make me feel like Ahhh the is what Newport is. The smell of the salt in the air from the Ocean breeze, the birds chirping the water fall in the koi pond splashing into the bottom, Ive got the Bridge to the left of me and the lemon tree to the right, Here I am stuck in the middle.

The flowers are now starting to bloom and I am so excited, they are pink when they are buds and then yellow when they open.

3 week old and here is what we have: I will make recipes with my Myer Lemons so do not worry I have not branched out in to just writing!







Lemon Lime Strawberry – Ade

Life has been busy and although I have not been blogging I still am creating and had this today on a hot sunny afternoon!

Foodashion's Blog

Another Inspired recipe… This one is from Paintbox Kitchen. What a great idea, HOMEMADE LEMONADE! Yum!!
I follow some incredible bloggers because frankly, they are fantastic & create food and recipes you can actually make yourself! I can not get enough of Paintbox Kitchen. Jasmine has the ideas and the goods to back em` up. A little while back she posted some recipes for Lemonade & that got me thinking…… I can do that & I’m going to add the strawberries I have left from the “cheesecake strawberries” I made so I don’t make anymore Cheesecake Strawberries!! (see previous post).

WHAT YOU NEED: (my version)
A warm sunny day (Lemonade tastes best when it’s hot out)
3 Lemons
3 Limes
A Hand full of strawberries (10 or s0)
2 Cups simple syrup (equal parts sugar & water simmered to melt sugar then cooled)
Lots of Ice
1 gallon…

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Eggplant Sandwich re-play

I have to admit eggplant is not my favorite but this is excellent. They are not your traditional sandwich but its something stuffed between 2 somethings so I say sandwich.
I also was talking on the phone while I was making it so I missed a few of the photos, hopefully you can see what I am going to explain.
1 eggplant peeled and sliced into 1/2 inch rounds 1/4 inch if you want them thinner.
2 Cups of your favorite sauce (homemade is great but I am in love with RAO’s it is just as good, no joke go find it and try it you will be amazed)
3 eggs (mixed in shallow bowl for dredging)
2 Cups panko bread crumbs (seasoned or not, up to you)-seasoned go stale faster so use them up if you open them
1 Cup parm cheese (added to panko of the best breading ever)
2 Cups mashed potatoes (left over are perfect or you can buy them made or make them depending on the level of work you want to do)
2 Tbls Chives chopped for garnish & the potoatoes
3 tbls oil (more if needed) I am using a lighter oil to fry these up

Pre heat oven to 350 (to keep eggplant warm as you cook them
In one bowl crack the eggs and mix
in second bowl add panko & parm cheese & mix
Dredge the eggplant one at a time in the egg then in the panko and add to pan with the oil heated on med/high.
Cook until golden brown and transfer to paper towels to remove excess oil the put on a baking sheet and put in oven to keep warm. (you don’t want them greasy or oily)
Continue to do this until all the eggplant is cooked.
Heat the sauce and mashed potatoes until nice and hot. Mix in most of the chives but save a teaspoon or so for the garnish. (feel free to use parsley if you have it for garnish)
To assemble spoon a few Tbls sauce onto a plate and then place one of the eggplant rounds on sauce.
top with 2 tablespoons mashed potatoes (or more if you like) and then place another eggplant round on top to make a “Sandwich” top with a little more sauce and garnish with the chives and serve immediately. My husband ate 2 and they were filling. this is a delicious dish and is worth a try.


Something simple to serve along side……
grab some Ciabatta bread stick at the store,rub a garlic clove, brush with butter (mixed with basil, italian seasoning, garlic salt) top with some parmesan cheese and bake at 425 for 10 min

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