Meet Roxy

Im making rice pudding and I will post it for you later, while its cooling I’m going to introduce you to Roxy!

Roxy is my dress form that came from Roxy Delux on Ebay. Roxy has on a Juicy Couture dress with an Alexander McQueen scarf. I love designer clothing but I love to get great deals on beautiful things too, so among my Alexander McQueens and my Louboutins, I have great deals off the sale racks from Neiman Marcus to T.J.Maxx!!
Once I get the hang of things here I will post new outfits and some of the great deals I have gotten with photos, Like the Juicy couture “pop top” mittens in black. They come in a cute pink box and originally cost $55.00 but I got them for $20 last week on so I got 2!
I have a lot to share and some really great decorating ideas like photo of my closet/dressing room below. My house was built in 1896 so excuse the walls, they are very old…. anyway, I saw this in a Pottery Barn catalog and ripped out the picture and saved it in my “ideas” notebook and slowly started collecting hand mirrors. Some are very rare and one is plated in gold, This was a super fun project even though it took a while but I am so happy with the way it turned out!



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