Gimme some sugar….. or salt

Good Morning!
Have you ever been in the shower and as you go to wash your face you realize you are out of your favorite scrub? You knew it was pretty much gone the last time but didn’t do anything…..Well that was me this morning.

Prior to Blogging I was a Spa Director for many years so I worked A LOT with skin care companies and skin care products.
I learned quite a bit and I have a great trick for you!!
If you have mature skin, dry skin or normal skin, use a teaspoon of sugar, just plain ol
sugar that you put in your coffee. Raw sugar will be to course and way to rough for your
face but perfect for your body. ( hint hint )
pump in your everyday facial wash and you have the perfect scrub. use gentle circular motions
avoiding your eye area and you will have super soft skin free of the old skin cells making you
look drab and gray (winter has a way of drawing out the drab).
If you have oily skin use salt, again nothing to course your facial skin in delicate!! Salt pulls out impurities
and excess oils. WATCH OUT FOR YOUR EYES especially with the salt OUCH!!

If you want to make a little batch you can do it really easily…. I took the container my scrub was in, washed it out well and just made a small
batch and put it in. The best measurement would be 2 to 1 ratio. 2 parts facial cleanser to 1 part sugar or salt.  Thats it! -T


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