Like a kid in a candy store……..

I have never been a huge candy person but if you say to me “like a kid in a candy store” I think of the first time they swung open the door at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  That’s how I felt today walking into Newport Spice Company. Someone told me about it and I had no idea it was there so I had to go check it out. When I opened the door at Franklin Street just off Thames Street in Newport, I was greeted by the smell of a million spices YUM!! I didn’t know where to start. There were huge jars of spices on top of the white cupboards with rows and rows of silver containers filled with every spice you can imagine along with preserved lemons, bamboo bowls, tiny wooden spoons, honey & more!  The owner is there to help you through the maze if need be and to explain what each spice is for. There were spice grinders in beautiful colors and shapes and choosing one is almost impossible (don’t I need one grinder for every spice now?) He showed me books about spices and the new refills that you can get once you use up what’s in your tin. Environmentally friendly too?!, is there no greater pleasure then a spice store for a self proclaimed foodie?? I think not……
So trying to keep my self control and the fact there is not a square inch of space in my spice cabinet  I was able to get out with 1 grinder, 2 vanilla beans from Indonesia and 3 beautifully full tins (the tins are only $4.50 each & the refills are like $3.50) One of them I had never heard of before Aleppo Pepper and I will be trying it as he suggested on sauteed string beans instead of red pepper flakes!
They have a web site and sell online. Check them out if you have a chance it is a rarity to find a friendly person behind the counter and here you will.




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