“I’m Starving!”……

Well I am anything but starving really…. But when you go to the store on an empty stomach, WATCH OUT WALLET!
So before I even put the food away I had to whip up a sandwich. This is tasty and filling and I had actually purchased one similar to this at a a cheese shop in town.
Yup, you are looking at it, thats it 4 ingredients  are what stands between you and a full stomach!
Baguette or other fresh bread
Pecorino Romano cheese
Champagne Mustard

This is super simple but I’ll tell you how I do it
Obviously you cut the bread in half but if you are using the French Baguette like I am you can actually pull a little of the bread out of the soft part so your food stays in. Have you ever bitten into a sandwich and had the contents come out the sides? Me too. So just use your hands and pull out about an 1/8 to 1/4 inch of the inside on both pieces. THIS IS OPTIONAL you don’t have to. I was too hungry to bother and spent the entire sandwich replacing the avocados…..
Slice the avocado and cheese thin, if its too thick bye, bye, out the sides
Spread a thin layer of a nice flavored mustard or better yet, a fig spread (i was out of it)
Then layer a single layer of the cheese and avocado on the bread top with other half and
Then you can put the rest of the grocery’s away

  Enjoy -T


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