Fresh Whipped Cream with secrets

CREAM is the only way to go. Once you make it you will never want store bought again. After dinner chop up some fresh berries and do a dollop of your own whipped cream on top and watch the room. People will eat it and then start talking about it, its like they are eating some new strange creation, “what is this, whipped cream?” “it tastes so different, fresh & creamy”, “Did you try this whipped cream, we should have this at our house” Yep, that good and here is why, lean in, a little closer, closer…….its freshly whipped by you and you can make it taste how ever you want it to taste.

WHAT YOU NEED: (This will be enough for 4 small servings so I do it for my husband & I & its just enough)
1 Cup Whipping cream
1/2 Cup Confectioners sugar or powdered sugar
1 1 /2 tsp Almond extract Yes almond it gives it a unique flavor that will wow the crowd ( vanilla will work here too or you can omit them both but i suggest one or the other)
1 blood orange or 1 regular orange

Use a bowl that you can whisk in, like a tall mixing bowl like I show below. Put it in the freezer while you prep the rest.
zest the blood orange (it has a fresh flavor and slight tartness not to mention a beautiful look and juice it when you are do setting aside
take bowl from freezer and put on a dish towel to help with slipping. Place inside a larger bowl with ice in it kind if like a double boiler the cream sets up faster when its cold. (you can do it with out)
Vigorously whisk cream, while whisking add in the confectioners sugar through a sieve so it will not cause any lumps and makes the cream smooth. this takes about 5 to 7 minutes non stop but I have to stop a few time and change hands 🙂 after you notice it is making soft peaks add in the Almond Extract, blood orange juice and the zest and continue whisking until done. You will know its done when it stays in whisk when you scoop it up.  The zest will make it look so pretty and there is only a hint of the flavor coming through & that makes it more complex and dazzling to your friends & guests
Dollop over your favorite fruit or cookies or pies.

Eating this by the spoon full is neither frowned upon or discouraged, in fact we encourage to eat it by the spoon full and often.

Enjoy -T


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. emmycooks
    Feb 21, 2012 @ 05:41:35

    Orange and almond–what a great idea! Sounds like a delicious alternative to my usual vanilla.


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