It’s Spring in Rhode Island and we really take advantage of the warm days. As soon as we can we are outside cooking on the grill, eating on the deck pushing the dogs outside to play and running to Opening Day at Frosty Freeze and its only 60 degrees. So Ice cream soda…of course. By the time its 90 we are exhausted.

This is a fresh and a little bit healthier spin on a 50’s classic:
Fresh fruit takes the place of some of the ice cream so you can have your ice cream & eat it too…
 My favorite soda is Ginger ale so I made it with that.
1 cup fresh strawberries & raspberries. Strawberries cut into quarters. Both rinsed carefully (add whatever fruit you like or have in the fridge)
1 cup very good quality Vanilla Ice cream
Ginger ale
In a tall glass layer fruit and ice cream like a parfait
Pour in Ginger ale SLOWLY its gonna fizz up and if you go to fast you will have ants!
top with a few of the berries, oooh mint if you have it will look pretty too. I didn’t have it

Serve with a spoon and a straw….super simple, super delicious and versatile. If you are my sister be sure to use chocolate covered fruit, chocolate ice cream and chocolate soda (if there is such a thing)
 Enjoy- T


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