What are you Having for lunch?

I am a lunch Grazer usually, I do love a good sandwich but usually I make it and eat while I’m doing other things. A little while back My Neighbor said he was giving up meat for Lent and asked what are some good ideas for food. There are so many but If you are changing from meat to No meat its hard to feel full if you don’t have some “heft” on your plate. Salads are not enough as far as I’m concerned. So today I actually put what I was eating on a plate to show what I might have on any given day that will fill me enough to make it through until dinner.

A sweet potato with butter and garlic salt (one of my Fave’s) Zapped in the micro for 5 min
a few stuffed olives
a few slices of cheese (today its Fontina & Ricotta Salata)
a few marinated Chipolini onions (I can’t get past the stupid Olive Bar at the market for under $10)
Roasted broccolini  (I had in the fridge from dinner this week)
and a few crunchy tortilla strips (these were in a package as “salad toppings” they add a nice crunch element)
Mix it up, make it your own but just be sure to add something with substance like a potato for energy and a full stomach.
Enjoy -T


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