The Gift of Herbs!

Today I had lunch, the most wonderful lunch with Lauren!! (UnCorked) She claim’s to not be able to make vegetarian food but the blue cheese & apple salad along with the fresh mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil & balsamic sandwich say’s otherwise. As I was admiring the salad on the counter she said “I made this for your birthday” I thought WOW how sweet she went out of her way to make a nice lunch with no meat and then she said “not the salad, the plants!”

I had seen it on her counter but thought it was just another beautiful pice in “The House Pottery Barn Built” Uh yea, everything in her house looks straight out of Pottery Barn’s Catalog…..Beautiful. But lucky for me it was the most thoughtful gift I had received for my birthday this year! Dramatic, I know but I Myself am a little dramatic and thoughtful gifts mean the world to me. This is not only thoughtful but 100% useful, beautiful & totally ME!. I had to share because if you have a friend that is a Foodie this is a perfect gift or if you are a Foodie you need to make one for your self. I usually have herbs cut and in a little jar on the counter….look at the difference Hahaha. I’ve had a great birthday month, Thank you 🙂


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thecorkeyfamily
    Apr 25, 2012 @ 22:32:23

    I’m so glad you like the herbs! Nolyn and I ha a great time at lunch my friend!


  2. Desi Chick
    Apr 25, 2012 @ 22:50:10

    What a sweet friend and what an awesome gift!!


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