It really has been the best experience writing my Blog! I obviously like to cook and enjoy sharing food. But to be honored by Bloggers I love and respect is really something special. GLUTENVGIRL Honored me with the 7×7 Link Award. This is a really great Award because I get to revisit some of the blogs I love or have lost. I hope you enjoy it and thank you so much to GLUTENVGIRL!!
Go see her, she’s got a great Blog About glutenvygirl

For the 7 x 7 LINK AWARD, the rules are a bit different.
Be sure to link back to the Blogger that Nominated you.
You place 7 of your posts in the listed categories, and then nominate 7 peers.
Here are links to my posts that I think fit in the following 7 categories:

Most beautiful piece: DAZZLE THEM WITH FIRE I really was happy to have captured that flame!
Most helpful piece: Triple Threat Vinaigrette This one is a 3 in one and I have been asked for dressings more then anything else.
Most popular piece: If you like meat & potatoes then…… This one was by far the most loved of all the posts I have ever done and it is so simple.
Most controversial piece: WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? Controversial, I suppose…not many people Hammer a Screwdriver into a squash.
Most surprisingly successful piece:Gooey, Melty Deliciousness & Chicken Le Creuset the Artichokes were easy & I have never eaten anything so Sinful. The Chicken was a long process but worth it’s weight in GOLD. “The best dish you ever made” -Herb Williams
Most underrated piece:A pasta you won’t forget it looks boring but is one of the best pasta dishes I have had, Try it, it’s awesome!!
Most pride worthy piece: Shhhhh…..The secret’s in the sauce This was so good, I would serve it to anyone, This can make any person happy Vegetarian or not.

The 7 blogging peers that I nominate for this award are :
If you have already gotten this award I think you deserve it again!! Thess are Blogs I love and I think are awe inspiring….
First (and in no particular order)
Kolpona Cuisine This is the Blog I have been OBSESSED with the past month. The flavors of authentic Indian food with traditional flavors! I can’t keep up with all the recipes I want to duplicate.
Crash Test Vegetarian I like this one a lot! Going Vegan “Cold Turkey” is no easy task!
Paintbox Kitchen Great Ideas and easy preparation. Jasmine is the BEST and very supportive.
creative noshing……..Yum
mythineats– Eat & be thin? *#@%$ Is that possible?
Assia’s Kaleidoscope Food and Photography I covet!
sweatlikemambo Last but not least….Good stuff & Sorry about the watch they stole from your yard sale…What a JERK.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Desi Chick
    Apr 26, 2012 @ 13:57:00

    Thank you Tasha. What an honor. I’m leaving for a speaking trip and won’t be near a computer for the next four days. Have to come back and check out all your cool links and some of these great bloggers!


  2. sweatlikemambo
    May 07, 2012 @ 00:13:10

    Thanks so much!! I love all the links to new blogs to explore too, so much fun! 🙂


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