Yep I know it sounds weird but it is…an invasion and it is just like the movie but it’s Spaghetti Squash!!
I know you think this sounds unreasonable but, hear me out.
I decided it was going to be the best idea anyone had ever come up with in the name of a back yard garden, “i’ll build posts and run fishing line between them so the vegetables grow up them instead of out & all over the lawn” I said to my always unimpressed husband. So that is exactly what I did, well my husband did…I did watch and point and direct (he really likes when I do that). I did however string the fishing line and I might add it was no small feat!
Now….a few months ago I planted a small selection of veggies that I wanted and of course I DID NOT plant them the required space apart and I most likely put too many all together in one raised bed but I always do. I never follow the directions. “If one goes there, I bet 2 is better”, “If you take one pill to feel better, 2 is better” (Ok the last one is another story totally).

So anyway my garden had been coming in nicely! My idea was/is working beautifully and everyone will want to do this for their garden and people will come from miles around to see the “most ingenious gardening idea ever” and THEN!………(long hesitation to make it more interesting) DUN, DUN,DUNNNNNNN (scary sounds to let you know something is about to happen)
The Spaghetti Squash started to explode! During the last few weeks it has been going crazy because of the hot, muggy weather and has been growing at NIGHT! We have been waking up to another 6 inches of plant every time the sun goes down and the squash are growing so fast the only explanation is they have a taste for blood and are secretly eating wild animals while we sleep (of course that is the only rational explanation). The long “Scouts” that the squash has been sending out have actually grabbed on to the Willow Tree branches that usually sway lightly in the summer wind and are successfully twisting and climbing up the branches toward the trunk (I think to get to the bird house and the squirrels). The Squash its self, the big one is slightly starting to resemble Herb so I think when he sleep in the tent the other night it may have started it’s transformation.(yes he actually sleeps in a tiny tent for fun and the love of the outdoors, I do not) He has been acting a little weird lately, humm I wonder???
I noticed he has ben ajif e wrjt gspofv bspoitpwoer fs;dkfv x;ck vxdvaefsdf spbovmdif a dofis a] afaw m x[dfi sadv
Hahaha Just kidding! That last part was suppose to be the squash getting me and stopping me from telling any more!
Well Im off to my garden and hopefully all the dogs are still there…Just kidding again
I’ll keep you updated on the situation as it “grows” hahahahaha I have a lot of time on my hands

Climbing into the Willow

More “attacking” the Willow

Herb very begrudgingly agreeing to pose for the face pose and the squash trying to strangle him shot at the beginning, but worth it.


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