Happy Anniversary to the Father of my DOGS!

Cooper in his Birthday suit

haha I gave him fangs

9 Years ago today, I got married to the coolest guy I had ever met and I still can not believe it really happened. I never thought we would “settle down” and start a “family”.  But I was wrong and I have been wrong abut a few things. We have a huge family now, 8!! our first Anniversary was when we got Cooper and it all went “up” hill from there. We fell in love with dogs, Chihuahua’s to be exact.
Now 9 years later we have 7 more adorable creatures added to the pack, a home that is pretty awesome and a great life with plenty of fun, craziness and drama. (who doesn’t have drama?) Herb has become part dog I think and he is the one who says we should rescue more….NO MORE!! I have put my foot down on this one… more, 8 Is Enough (hahaha)
We have had ups and downs and goods and bads but we have always had each other.

We’ve had to say goodbye to people we love but learned it is NOW that is important and it is really nice to have a shoulder to cry on.
It has been quite a year! Thanks Herb I LOVE YOU

We have more adventures planned and I have a lot more to cook, so see you soon!

Airplane ride to see our house from the air! what an awesome sunday afternoon surprise!


herb & I on our way to a wedding 

Fireworks from the deck 2012

Drinks at our wedding spot with Poco

Surf Fest at Doris


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