Eggplant Sandwich re-play

I have to admit eggplant is not my favorite but this is excellent. They are not your traditional sandwich but its something stuffed between 2 somethings so I say sandwich.
I also was talking on the phone while I was making it so I missed a few of the photos, hopefully you can see what I am going to explain.
1 eggplant peeled and sliced into 1/2 inch rounds 1/4 inch if you want them thinner.
2 Cups of your favorite sauce (homemade is great but I am in love with RAO’s it is just as good, no joke go find it and try it you will be amazed)
3 eggs (mixed in shallow bowl for dredging)
2 Cups panko bread crumbs (seasoned or not, up to you)-seasoned go stale faster so use them up if you open them
1 Cup parm cheese (added to panko of the best breading ever)
2 Cups mashed potatoes (left over are perfect or you can buy them made or make them depending on the level of work you want to do)
2 Tbls Chives chopped for garnish & the potoatoes
3 tbls oil (more if needed) I am using a lighter oil to fry these up

Pre heat oven to 350 (to keep eggplant warm as you cook them
In one bowl crack the eggs and mix
in second bowl add panko & parm cheese & mix
Dredge the eggplant one at a time in the egg then in the panko and add to pan with the oil heated on med/high.
Cook until golden brown and transfer to paper towels to remove excess oil the put on a baking sheet and put in oven to keep warm. (you don’t want them greasy or oily)
Continue to do this until all the eggplant is cooked.
Heat the sauce and mashed potatoes until nice and hot. Mix in most of the chives but save a teaspoon or so for the garnish. (feel free to use parsley if you have it for garnish)
To assemble spoon a few Tbls sauce onto a plate and then place one of the eggplant rounds on sauce.
top with 2 tablespoons mashed potatoes (or more if you like) and then place another eggplant round on top to make a “Sandwich” top with a little more sauce and garnish with the chives and serve immediately. My husband ate 2 and they were filling. this is a delicious dish and is worth a try.


Something simple to serve along side……
grab some Ciabatta bread stick at the store,rub a garlic clove, brush with butter (mixed with basil, italian seasoning, garlic salt) top with some parmesan cheese and bake at 425 for 10 min