Lemon Lime Strawberry – Ade

Life has been busy and although I have not been blogging I still am creating and had this today on a hot sunny afternoon!

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Another Inspired recipe… This one is from Paintbox Kitchen. What a great idea, HOMEMADE LEMONADE! Yum!!
I follow some incredible bloggers because frankly, they are fantastic & create food and recipes you can actually make yourself! I can not get enough of Paintbox Kitchen. Jasmine has the ideas and the goods to back em` up. A little while back she posted some recipes for Lemonade & that got me thinking…… I can do that & I’m going to add the strawberries I have left from the “cheesecake strawberries” I made so I don’t make anymore Cheesecake Strawberries!! (see previous post).

WHAT YOU NEED: (my version)
A warm sunny day (Lemonade tastes best when it’s hot out)
3 Lemons
3 Limes
A Hand full of strawberries (10 or s0)
2 Cups simple syrup (equal parts sugar & water simmered to melt sugar then cooled)
Lots of Ice
1 gallon…

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