Watermelon Feta And Mint Salad!

IMG_0412OK I actually thought…..Uh Weird! cheese and watermelon but when you think of Apples and cheese or pears and cheese you’re like “move aside I need that cheesy fruit combo”, am I Right??
Well this is the now “go to bring along to anything dish ” for me, My husband is kind of over it. It couldn’t be easier to make and I’ll prove it!

1 small Watermelon, of course…. (try to make sure it is not over ripe, if it is really soft and really dark pink it may be a little on the old side so stick to bright pink and firm. If you buy it cut in half  you can see it.
8 Oz’s Feta Cheese – go crazy, buy a good one. A Greek one in water would be nice- just make sure to drain and rinse in gently.
1 fresh lime – not the ones with brown spots on them, bright green with a fresh bright scent, I actually like extra lime so you can add another if you want.
2 Tablespoons Fresh Mint chopped – sweet mint is the best there is a difference with spearmint, peppermint etc. You can tear a few extra for garnish too.
IMG_0408 IMG_0409 - Copy IMG_0410 IMG_0411 IMG_0413
Cut the watermelon into 1 inch cubes -approximately or bite size – no need for a ruler.
Place it gently in a larg serving bowl – you know me, I like white.
Squeeze Lime over the watermelon and very gently fold them
Sprinkle over mint and crumble feta cheese but do not toss until you are serving on the plate.

This a light refreshing salad with a bite of salt and hint of mint, Your guests will love it and your husband will get sick of it!
Enjoy -T


Couscous…Simple, Easy, Delicious!

My Husband and I went to Rosette’s house and of course she insists (and we absolutely love it) we eat. She is from Egypt and has some of the best food ideas and combinations that I just never even thought to put together. I write about her often because she is so good to us and lucky for us she and her daughter Danielle live down the street. I’ll tell you about the olives and cream cheese sandwiches later…..
This Couscous dish is so fast, so simple and has fresh basic ingredients that make it delicious.
1 Cup Couscous
1 can Chick Peas (Garbanzo Beans)
3 to 4 Scallions Chopped
1 Avocado
2 limes
(just a note we did it with lemon and lime and both work

-Chop the scallions and set aside. I like the flavor of them so I did 4 but you can go with 3 if you want it a little more mild.
-Drain and rinse the Chickpeas very well to get out any of that canned juice. Let them soak in cold water while you make the rest.
-Juice the limes into a small ramekin or bowl
-Boil 1 cup of water, when it comes to a boil turn it off and add couscous stir gently, cover and set aside for 5 minutes.
-Once the couscous is ready add in all the ingredients and toss together.
That’s it. Eat it alone like I do or serve on the side of whatever dish you like.
Enjoy -T

Edamame And Pea Pesto….Another Pesto????

But it really isn’t Pesto and it is definitely healthier for sure. It is similar to pesto but is healthy, delicious, versatile and pretty to look at!
I have done pestos in the past (see pesto here: Arugula Pesto ~ BEST-O PESTO ~Wild Mushroom Pesto, and I mean it in the loosest sense of the word ) and now Edamame & Pea Pesto. This is another easy one so you should try it.

1 Cup cooked Edamame
1 Cup Thawed frozen peas (baby or regular, no need to cook them)
1 Cup Parmesan Cheese ( Cubed or grated )
1/4 Olive Oil
1 Cup Cashews (uhhhh YUM)
1 Clove garlic minced
Fresh Basil (if you’ve got it or you can use your (Basil Ice Cubes)
Juice of 1 lemon
Salt and Pepper to taste (which means a good pinch of both)

Grab the Cuisinart or food processor
Put in the cheese of it is cubed like mine and pules a few times to break it down
Add minced Garlic, Edamame, peas and blend until it is all chopped and mixed together
Add in Cashews, basil, salt, pepper & Lemon juice and blend.
While blending add in Olive Oil a few table spoons at a time until it becomes a thick paste.

Transfer to a bowl and dip away!!
Spoon it over hot pasta fresh out of the past water and it will melt over the noodles and stick like glue and there is no need to cook it.
Put it on top of baked sweet potatoes
Or anywhere else, I added it to my roasted tomato soup yesterday.
I’m off to Virginia so, I will see you soon!


Enjoy -T

WOW! Who are you making all that granola for?

So the storms off the East Coast have generated some pretty big waves and that means my husband is gone from Sun Up to Sun Down surfing. 12 Feet yesterday! Granola is one of his favorites and it is awesome because it is a healthy, high energy snack you can eat alone (in a ziplock on the way to check the waves), add to yogurt, cereal or just pour some Almond Milk over it and make it a small meal. I made a lot not realizing, so much Herb came in and said “WOW! Who are you making all that for”. So I put it in some big Mason jars and tied a bow on it to give to who ever came by, and it worked…I’m down to 2 from 5.
Getting just the right recipe takes time, trials and errors but i really lucked out with this one. I looked up about 50 different recipes and came up with what I thought would be the perfect combination that is not too sweet and is not too dark (burnt). This came out fantastic.
Granola HAS to be baked slow and low because it can get brown fast and burn and once you have a tiny bit of burnt taste, all of it will taste burnt.

Dry Ingredients:
4 Cups Rolled Oats
1 Cup Sunflower seeds
1 Cup Dried Cherries
1 Cup Dried Cranberries
2 Cups Shredded Coconut
1/2 Cup brown sugar (Packed down)
1/2 Cup Honey
1 Tablespoon Cinnamon
1/4 Cup Real Vermont Maple Syrup
1 Tablespoon High Quality Vanilla Extract
4 Tablespoons Butter


In a sauce pan combine all the ingredients for the coating.
Heat on Medium until everything has melted
Set aside

In a large bowl combine all the dry ingredients.
Slowly add the brown sugar mixture to the Dry, folding and stirring to make sure everything is coated evenly.
Spread mixture into a thin layer on a SILPAT or foil lined baking sheets
Bake at 275 for approximately 10 minutes then check it to ensure the temperature is not too high and then continue for another 30 min stirring half way through.
Let the Granola cool completely and put in ziplocks or easy grab and go snacks and if you have them Mason jars for storing!!

Grilled Peaches and Figs with Balsamic and Blue Part 2

Arugula Salad with Grilled Peaches & Mission Figs

If something works, I run with it, obviously……I love sweet and savory together and this is exactly that. Yesterday’s was a little sweeter because of the honey and today’s dressing makes it a little more savory. I love Arugula because it has that “peppery” bite to it and it compliments the sweet peaches so perfectly, add the char from the grill pan, the rich pungent taste of the blue cheese and the Tart dressing, you have an amazing complex flavor explosion

This is per person again:
1 half of a peach
2 Cups baby Arugula
4 mission figs (Dried) fresh is totally useable too
1 ounce good quality Blue Cheese
2 tablespoons Balsamic Dressing (MUST ME HOMEMADE)
Pinch of salt

~Pre heat your grill pan to Med/High do not put anything in it ie, oil or butter
~Slice the peach into 1/4 in thick wedges and brush them lightly with olive oil.
~Slice the figs in half and lightly brush them with the oil as well
~Place the slices of peach on the pan and leave them, do not move them around you want the grill marks to be perfect. Each side will take about 3 minutes
~Carefully flip the peaches with tongs and a spatula and let them grill on the other side
~Warm the figs in a pan as well on med/high. This time I used a regular pan but it is up to you.
~Place the Arugula on a bowl and carefully build your salad, be specific how you place things so it looks pretty.
~I put in the figs & Blue cheese first then placed the peach slices all facing one direction. Then I went back and pulled some of the arugula up and figs and topped with more of the crumbled Blue.
~Lightly drizzle with the Balsamic Dressing, garnish with chives and sprinkle with a pinch of salt.
Store bought dressing really doesn’t cut it in any recipe in my opinion and it is so easy to whip up and have on hand so give it a try.
Triple Threat Vinaigrette is a blog I did a while ago with a few dressings if you need some help 🙂

Panini Perfection!

So, several blogs ago I posted  Oven Roasted Tomatoes and because my garden has given me pretty much all my tomatoes at once I roasted a bunch more.  I was starving for something really good for lunch and remembered I got a “Griddler” for Christmas a few years ado and it’s kind of tucked in the back of the cabinet with the plates so I don’t see it and forget its there. It is a Panini Press made by Cuisinart and it works really well.

When we first got it we had Panini everything for weeks!  Anyway like I said…. I was starving for something good, like a sandwich and I thought….”Ooh those tomatoes I just roasted would be good, and I have that nice bread & oh yea! and the goat cheese I made the guy go find for me at the market (there was none out!? What?)…PANINI!! I’M MAKING A PANINI!!!”  I am home yelling this to the dogs by the way & they jump and run with me for a second and think someone is here because I jump up and they go racing out the door barking and then I’m like “NO GUY’S IT WAS JUST ME EXCITED ABOUT MY SANDWICH!” but they don’t hear me cuz they are barking and racing down the steps into the yard so I keep yelling “NO IT’S JUST ME!! IT’ WAS MEEEEEEE!! MY SANDWICH!!!” and because I’m yelling they keep barking and then I’m like, “you guys are so stupid, it was me and my sandwich” and then I realize I am the stupid one and the neighbors must think I ‘m crazy because I’m yelling “I WAS JUST EXCITED ABOUT MY SANDWICH” and the dogs have no idea what I’m saying. I should video tape our house and watch it….I bet there is some funny stuff coming out of here.

Nice sandwich bread like a Ciabatta, something that will hold up well to cooking and won’t get soggy.
1/4 Cup oven roasted tomatoes (approx, these ended up small and you just want a layer of them not too think)
2 ounces goat cheese (herbed or plain)
1 Cup Arugula (baby or regular)
olive oil & herbs for top (I made an olive oil bread dipping mixture and used that)
salt & pepper

Super easy, just build your sandwich the way you like it.
I did goat cheese on both sides.
Layer of roasted tomatoes.
Heaping pile of Arugula (it presses down so load it up!)
Brush the top of the bread with olive oil and sprinkle with a little salt & herbs.
Put in the Panini Grill and press.
If you don’t have a press you can put it in a pan and place something heavy on top of it like another pan with a weight on it and flip it after a few minutes. With the press it cooks from both sides so you don’t have to flip.
Throw a little something on the side…I have a green bean salad with fresh beans from the garden 🙂

Enjoy -T

Super Simple Striper

Haha! sounds like I have a lisp! My Husband is a huge fan of sea bass if it is fresh from the ocean (i guess everyone is). So when his friend stopped by the other day with a big fillet we had an impromptu Sea Food feast! It needs to be cooked right away so thats exactly what I did & here it is…..

1 large piece of White Fish this one is about 16 ozs (striper, sea bass what ever you want or is left at your door)
2 lemons
2 limes (both with skin and pith removed then cut into 1/2 inch rounds)
6 or so chives
6 to 8 pieces of fresh thyme

for topping:
1 cup panko bread crumbs (plain)
juice from 1/2 a lemon
3 tablespoons butter

Lay out a pice of NON STICK aluminum foil (reynolds makes it & it is the best)
Gently place the fillet in the center (make sure the piece of foil is large enough to close and fold like a packet for cooking)
Top with the herbs and then top the herbs with the lemons and limes (I lay them slightly over each other with one lemon piece and then one lime…and so on)
Fold over the foil and make a packet but do not make it snug on to the fish, save some room for steam.
Place on a Medium/high heat of the grill and cook for about 10 minutes
Open the foil and let the steam out (CAREFULLY) and cook another 3 to 4 minutes (its done when it is white & flaky BUT NOT DRY)

make your topping, this adds a nice little crunch and texture to an otherwise totally soft texture and this is totally optional
Brown Panko crumbs in a pan with the butter and just as they are finishing add the lemon juice.
This takes only a few minutes and can be done while fish is cooking away.
The reason you do this separately is because the Panko will just turn to mush if you put it on while the fish is cooking.

Remove the fish from the grill with a spatula under the foil to help keep it on one piece, it is very delicate when cooked.
Take off the herbs and toss.
Spoon out a little of the juice and lemon, lime pieces to top the Panko Crumbs once its on the fish
Using a fork I just “broke off” a single serving and placed on the plate.
Top with the Panko crumbs and a little of the cooked lemons & limes, then a few snips of chives and thyme for some garnish!

Enjoy -T

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