Grilled pizza party

Here is a simple blog. I have been using the excuse that I have been soooo busy I haven’t blogged. Well, I am busy with my new Real Estate Career but I am still cooking a photographing so I have a tone of photos in my phone & IPad.
Grilled Pizza was literally my “go to” all summer. I have dough in my fridge all the time and once you start cooking and grilling it becomes second nature and fast. I have so many discussions with people that say it takes too long to cook. It is faster to make a grilled pizza then it is to order one and have it delivered!

This idea came from a party in July I went to and they did this and it was a HUGE hit.

pre made pizza dough (yes pre-made sorry)
Pizza toppings

Bring the dough to room temperature, this way it will roll out if not it will spring back
cut the dough into 4 equal portions (more people, more dough)
Flour your board and roll dough into 1/4 inch thickness – Easy rustic shapes
Drizzle with olive oil
Pre grill the dough on both sides until it has light grill marks. about 3 minutes each side on a medium/high grill heat (don’t cook it all the way or it will make for a burn crispy dough)

Place the pre-grilled dough on a platter and serve up all the pizza favorite sides and let your guests create their own combinations.
Your job is to complete the cooking so once your guest has a pizza ready you slide it back onto the grill and close the cover for 5 minutes to melt the cheese and toppings. Because it cooks so fast, pre cook anything you don’t want raw.

I grilled pineapple, onions, mushrooms etc and put out 3 different cheeses for guests along with the traditional pepperoni, olives and my favorites artichokes, spinach, roasted garlic and more!

















Grilled Vegetable Antipasto

I know I have not posted a lot of meat dishes lately but I promise I have another chicken winner coming up. I had people over last weekend and had to throw something together and this is what came out! Grilled Veggies and a few olives & mozzarella and it was like I had planned it.
 This sounds like a lot but it is up to you that’s the fun in this dish, what ever you like you can add!!

Save your stumps, peels & ends for stock! Put in a freezer bag for stock making day!
What you need:
2 Onions (any type I did a red & white cut into 1/2 in rounds)
2 zucchini (cut thick on the bias)
2 Summer Squash (cut thick on the bias)
a few Tomatoes any size (I had ones that were about 1 inch a little larger then cherry)
2 bunches Broccolini
1 Bunch Asparagus
3 Lemons
Ciabatta Bread ( cut into bias slices and toasted with a little olive oil)
1 Can white beans (or any beans you want or no beans it’s up to you)
one head of Romain lettuce grilled

a few store bought mix-in’s
olives all kinds
Stuffed Cherry peppers
Mozzarella cheese small bocconcini or large sliced to fit on bread
Marinated Mushrooms
marinated artichoke hearts

First rinse your beans well and let drain. Marinate in 3 Tbls of balsamic vinaigrette for as long as you can
In a roasting pan/dish put in your broccolini & asparagus, drizzle with olive oil, salt & pepper  roast at 425 for 10 min. Spice them up with a little red pepper flakes or the famous ALEPPO PEPPER I never stop talking about. You want them to cook fast and stay as al-dente as possible
using your grill pan (if not use the regular grill) Grill the veggies (drizzled with olive oil)  try not to crowd the pan so you don’t stem them. I start with the onions and then squashes, Do the tomatoes and lemons last, they leave behind flesh & seeds and you would have to wash the pan between veggies if you use those first (the remnants burn)
lastly grill your romaine lettuce, cut it in 1/2 and drizzle with oil and grill for a few min on each side just to wilt it. Cut it into large chunks for the platter.
while you are grilling toast your bread with just a little olive oil.

I like to mound something in the middle and then place the veggies in groups around the platter.
Put the Grilled romaine in the middle and top with the fresh arugula, drizzle with the balsamic vinaigrette
Place the broccolini & asparagus at opposite ends and then just group the veggies onto the platter
wait to put the marinated beans on until there are a few things on the platter or they get lost
fill in sparse areas with your store bought olives, cherry peppers, mozzarella.
Drizzle the rest with the balsamic vinaigrette and put a small bowl on the side with a spoon, if you are like me I can never have enough dressing!
Tuck in a few pieces of the bread and put the rest in a bowl, put out a few forks & spoons & plates and let people create what ever they like.

Be sure to have plenty of drinks and napkins this is fun because people interact while eating & it makes it less formal & relaxing

Don't forget to save the scraps! I feel a stock coming up!!