Holy Stromboli

My first attempt at a Stromboli was a SUCCESS! I over committed to a party and was lucky this came out great or I would have been in BIG TROUBLE….. Stromboli is pretty much dough, meat and cheese so of course me being a Vegetarian had to say I would make 2 one with meat one without. This is not a low calorie food but worth every cheesy, gooey, bread-y bite!!
PRE-HEAT OVEN TO 350 Degrees

Pre-made dough (i know it’s a little sad but I am not making dough from scratch and in all fairness I make almost everything else from scratch so hopefully you can forgive me)
1/4 Lb Provolone (regular sharpness, the extra sharp one stinks up the house…trust me)
1/4 Lb Swiss Cheese
1/4 Lb Pepperoni (from the deli not the tiny little ones)
1/4 Lb Ham (any kind)
1/4 LB Salami
1 Cup Fresh Basil Leaves (more or less)
2 eggs beaten and some dried herbs for top (what every you like)

Let the dough get to room temp – like the last blog, if it is cold you can’t work well with it, it springs back and frustrates the situation
Flour a large board and roll your dough out to a rectangular shape
Leaving a few inches on each side run the cheese and meats down the middle of the dough slightly overlapping each one
lay fresh basil leaves down the middle
Using a knife or a pair of kitchen scissors cut slices in the dough from the filling out approximately 1 inch apart.
fold the ends in by lifting the dough and pulling gently over the edge of the filling like you would a burrito
starting on either side fold over the strips using an egg wash to hold the folds together one side then the other and so on until the are all folded then gently brush the remaining egg wash over the exposed dough and sprinkle with some dried herbs like oregano, basil, parsley etc.

Bake in the oven at 350 on a Silpat or non-stick Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil (it gets gooey so this protects your pan and helps with clean up)
The cook time will vary per oven, dough size etc so set to for 30 minutes and then check it every 10 until golden brown. Cheese may bubble out and that is OK.
Let cool, slice and serve with your favorite Marinara Sauce – Mine is RAO’s